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Mindeelyn Siberians | Siberian Kittens for Sale | Ontario, Canada
Mindeelyn Siberians | Siberian Kittens for Sale | Ontario, Canada

If we have available kittens, they will be shown below.

Our kittens usually leave us around ten weeks of age. This is our estimated target date, but the kitten decides when it is ready to go to its forever home.  If a kitten is not ready to leave its mother, we expect the owners to be patient and wait.  On the other hand, when the kitten is ready to leave us, we expect the owners will be available to take their kitten.  If you do not feel that any time around the target date will work for you, please select a kitten from another litter.

Before departure, all kittens will receive a thorough veterinarian examination and a round of vaccines. Any issues found will be discussed with the owners, who can accept the kitten, pick from the next four upcoming litters, or receive back their non-refundable deposit. All kittens go home with a health booklet noting deworming, vaccines, and a veterinarian comment about the kitten's health.

  • Our kittens are age-appropriately vaccinated and dewormed;

  • Are hypoallergenic;

  • Are purebred and can be registered with TICA (The International Cat Association);

  • Come from two loving parents whose lines are healthy and who have outstanding personalities;

  • Can be returned in the first two weeks of ownership for any reason whatsoever.

Archie - Male Red Classic Tabby
Ready to go home the first week of October


Fiona - Female Tortie
Ready to go home the first week of October


Autumn - Female
Ready to go home the first week of October

Mindeelyn Siberians | Siberian Kittens for Sale | Ontario, Canada

Once a litter is posted to the website, it is usually sold very quickly.
If you see a kitten you like, please contact us immediately.


Although our kittens have a high success rate with people suffering from allergies, some individuals still cannot live comfortably with a Siberian.  We recommend that you ask us for an allergen kit.  This kit contains instructions and a fur sample from at least three adults.  The kit has a higher accuracy rate than in-home home testing.  You can also test for longer periods, and you are not exposed to products and plant life that exist in our home but are not present in yours.

Mindeelyn Siberians | Siberian Kittens for Sale | Ontario, Canada


A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required to hold a kitten till its release date.    The deposit will be applied towards the purchase price. The actual sale price of a kitten depends on the sex, colour and coat pattern.

The full balance must be paid before the kitten is released. The kitten comes with a spay-neuter agreement.  To keep the two-year contract valid, all kittens must be sterilized before six months of age.  We do not sell any kittens as breeders or with breeding rights. We reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone we feel is not a good fit for one of our kittens.

For more information regarding our kittens, PLEASE CONTACT US at or call/text - 289-600-8796.

"Fearless Hunter of Toys and Socks"

What can I say about the kitten we received from Mindeelyn Siberians?  Hank is a fearless hunter of his toys and our socks.  He is extremely affectionate, smart, and loyal.  He loves to spend time with us, has become best buddies with our elderly dog, thinks our kids are the best playmates in the world, and believes that everything in our home belongs to him.

Hank is a totally adorable kitten.  He brings constant joy to our home and provides us with endless entertainment.

Thank you so much, Mindelyn, for raising such an outstanding kitten.

The Marshall Family of Ottawa, Ontario

P.S. - Hank says, "Hi".

Mindeelyn Siberians | Siberian Kittens for Sale | Ontario, Canada
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